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Welcome to the Replicant wiki, which provides information about Replicant, supported devices and research about other mobile devices and platforms.
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Unless specified otherwise, the information displayed in this wiki is only relevant to the latest Replicant version. Do not assume backwards compatibility of the instructions with old versions of Replicant.

Supported devices

Maintained devices

Uncompleted devices

Unmaintained devices

Replicant status

Maintained versions

Unmaintained versions

Replicant installation and update

Installation instructions: Upgrade instructions: Other instructions: Reference pages: Old installation instructions for uncompleted devices:

Replicant usage

See the device pages for device-specific usage information.

Replicant build

Main build instructions for Replicant images: Other build instructions:

Contributing to Replicant

There are many different ways to contribute to Replicant depending on your skills and available time or other resources

Some device pages also have development sections.


This section contains link to pages that organize the wiki in topics.

For instance the Debugging page has links to wiki pages topics related to debugging, like how to obtain logs, etc.

Replicant porting guides


Freedom privacy and security research

Hardware components support research

Research on how to support specific hardware components (chips, various system on a chip, etc) in Replicant.

Device evaluations research

Device specific evaluation and research

More in depth evaluation of devices:

Software projects research (Upstream, dependencies, Replicant versions, etc)

Bug documentation research

Other research

Project history



The CommunityAndContact page has more information on the Mailing list, Forums, IRC and private / confidential contact address.


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