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h1. Replicant Wiki 


 p=. !replicant_banner_alpha.png! 

 Welcome to the Replicant wiki, which provides information about Replicant, supported devices and research about other mobile devices and platforms. 
 For more information about Replicant, head over to the "Replciant website": 

 You can request wiki editor privileges, provided that you follow our [[DeveloperGuide#Wiki-guidelines|wiki guidelines]]. 

 *Unless specified otherwise, the information displayed in this wiki is only relevant to the latest Replicant version. Do not assume backwards compatibility of the instructions with old versions of Replicant.* 

 h2. Supported devices 

 h3. Maintained devices 

 * [[NexusSI902x|Nexus S (I902x)]] 
 * [[GalaxySI9000|Galaxy S (I9000)]] 
 * [[GalaxyS2I9100|Galaxy S 2 (I9100)]] 
 * [[GalaxyNoteN7000|Galaxy Note (N7000)]] 
 * [[GalaxyNexusI9250|Galaxy Nexus (I9250)]] 
 * [[GalaxyTab270P31xx|Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (P31xx)]] 
 * [[GalaxyTab2101P51xx|Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P51xx)]] 
 * [[GalaxyS3I9300|Galaxy S 3 (I9300)]] 
 * [[GalaxyNote2N7100|Galaxy Note 2 (N7100)]] 

 h3. Uncompleted devices 

 * [[GTA04|GTA04]] 

 h3. Unmaintained devices 

 * [[DreamMagic|Dream/Magic]] 
 * [[NexusOne|Nexus One]] 

 h2. Replicant status 

 h3. Maintained versions 

 * [[ReplicantStatus#Replicant-42|Replicant 4.2 status]] 

 h3. Unmaintained versions 

 * [[ReplicantStatus#Replicant-40|Replicant 4.0 status]] 
 * [[ReplicantStatus#Replicant-23|Replicant 2.3 status]] 
 * [[ReplicantStatus#Replicant-22|Replicant 2.2 status]] 

 h2. Replicant installation 

 * [[ReplicantImages|Replicant images]] 
 * [[ReplicantSDK|Replicant SDK]] 

 * [[NexusSI902xInstallation|Nexus S (I902x) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxySI9000Installation|Galaxy S (I9000) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyS2I9100Installation|Galaxy S 2 (I9100) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyNoteN7000Installation|Galaxy Note (N7000) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyNexusI9250Installation|Galaxy Nexus (I9250) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyTab270P31xxInstallation|Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (P31xx) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyTab2101P51xxInstallation|Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P51xx) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyS3I9300Installation|Galaxy S 3 (I9300) installation]] 
 * [[GalaxyNote2N7100Installation|Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) installation]] 

 * [[GTA04Installation|GTA04 installation]] 

 * [[DreamMagicInstallation|Dream/Magic installation]] 
 * [[FastbootInstallation|Nexus One installation]] 

 h2. Replicant usage 

 * Use "F-Droid":, the market application that only provides free software 
 * [[SDK|Software Software Development Kit (SDK)]] Kit: [[SDK]] 

 * [[ReplicantUSBNetworking|Replicant USB Networking]] 
 * [[ADB|Android Debug Bridge (ADB)]] [[ADB]] 
 * General-purpose [[UsageNotes|usage notes]] usage notes and tips tips: [[UsageNotes]] 

 * [[NexusSI902x#Replicant-usage|Nexus S (I902x) Replicant usage]] 

 h2. Replicant build 

 * [[BuildDependenciesInstallation|Build dependencies installation]] 
 * Replicant sources: [[ReplicantSources]] 

 * [[SDKBuild|SDK build]] 

 * Nexus S (I902x): [[NexusSI902xBuild]] 
 * Galaxy S (I9000): [[GalaxySI9000Build]] 
 * Galaxy S 2 (I9100): [[GalaxyS2I9100Build]] 
 * Galaxy Note (N7000): [[GalaxyNoteN7000Build]] 
 * Galaxy Nexus (I9250): [[GalaxyNexusI9250Build]] 
 * Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (P31xx): [[GalaxyTab270P31xxBuild]] 
 * Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P51xx): [[GalaxyTab2101P51xxBuild]] 
 * Galaxy S 3 (I9300): [[GalaxyS3I9300Build]] 
 * Galaxy Note 2 (N7100): [[GalaxyNote2N7100Build]] 

 * GTA04: [[GTA04Build]] 

 * Dream/Magic: [[DreamMagicBuild]] 
 * Nexus One: [[NexusOneBuild]] 

 h2. Replicant development 

 * Developer guide: [[DeveloperGuide]] 
 * GDB debugging: [[GDBDebugging]] 
 * Tools installation: [[ToolsInstallation]] 
 * Getting logs: [[GettingLogs]] 
 * Tasks to improve Replicant: [[Tasks]] 

 * Nexus S (I902x): [[NexusSI902x#Replicant-development|NexusSI902x Replicant development]] 

 h3. Replicant porting guides 

 * Replicant 4.0 porting guide: [[Replicant40PortingGuide]] 

 h3. Hardware support 

 * Samsung IPC protocol support: [[Samsung-RIL]]/[[libsamsung-ipc]] 

 h2. Freedom and privacy/security issues 

 * Nexus S (I902x): [[NexusSI902x#Freedom-and-privacysecurity-issues|NexusSI902x Freedom and privacy/security issues]] 

 h2. Research 

 * Details about the Samsung Galaxy devices back-door: [[SamsungGalaxyBackdoor]] 

 * Nexus S (I902x): [[NexusSI902x#Research|NexusSI902x Research]] 

 h3. Hardware support 

 * BCM4751 GPS protocol support: [[BCM4751]] 
 * GSD4t GPS protocol support: [[GSD4t]] 
 * AKM8976A support: [[AKM8976A]] 
 * OMAP4 Ducati camera support: [[OMAP4DucatiCamera]] 

 h3. Devices evaluations 

 * Optimus Black (P970) evaluation: [[OptimusBlackP970Evaluation]] 

 h2. Community contact 

 * Forums: 
 * IRC: #replicant at "Freenode": 
 * Mailing list: 
 * If your inquiry can't be made public, requires confidentiality or is press-related, you can contact us directly at: 
   in any other case, do not use this address and instead use the mailing list or the forums for general-purpose questions 

 h2. Public 

 * Replicant Artwork: [[ReplicantArtwork]]  
 * People behind the project: [[People]] 
 * Conferences presented on behalf of the Replicant project: [[Conferences]] 
 * Wiki license: "Creative Commons BY-SA":