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Paul Kocialkowski, 06/30/2015 05:56 PM

Replicant Wiki

Welcome to the Replicant wiki, which provides information about Replicant, supported devices and research about other mobile devices and platforms.
For more information about Replicant, head over to the Replciant website.

You can request wiki editor privileges, provided that you follow our wiki guidelines.

Unless specified otherwise, the information displayed in this wiki is only relevant to the latest Replicant version. Do not assume backwards compatibility of the instructions with old versions of Replicant.

Supported devices

Maintained devices

Uncompleted devices

Unmaintained devices

Replicant status

Maintained versions

Unmaintained versions

Replicant installation

Replicant usage

Replicant build

Replicant development

Replicant porting guides

Hardware support

Freedom and privacy/security issues


  • [NexusSI902x#Research|Nexus S (I902x) research]]

Hardware support

Devices evaluations

Community contact

  • Forums
  • IRC: #replicant at Freenode
  • Mailing list
  • If your inquiry can't be made public, requires confidentiality or is press-related, you can contact us directly at:
    in any other case, do not use this address and instead use the mailing list or the forums for general-purpose questions


The wiki is available under the Creative Commons BY-SA license.

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