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Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, 01/26/2020 09:47 PM


Two early batches (Birch and Chestnut) of Librem 5 are already in the hands of backers and developers. Another batch, Dogwood, is expected in March 2020 and then a mass produced one, Evergreen, in Q2 2020.

Component Hardware Comments
SoC iMX8M Quad CPU * See this post about the nonfree DDR4 controller firmware
* The bootloader (u-boot + ATF) is going to be fully free and redistributable by Replicant
GPU Vivante GC7000Lite supported in mainline mesa by etnaviv driver
Display 5.7″ 720x1440 display
Memory 3GB RAM LPDDR4-3200
eMMC 32GB plus a microSD slot
Wireless Redpine RS9116 802.11abgn 2.4 Ghz / 5Ghz + Bluetooth 5 & BLE with firmware loaded from an on-board flash memory
Audio Wolfson Media WM8962
Baseband Gemalto PLS8 or Broadmobi BM818 on replaceable M.2 card * single SIM
* both modems use QMI and AT
* connected via USB and I2S
* on-modem GNSS receiver has disabled antenna
GPS TESEO LIV3F multiconstellation GNSS receiver TODO:
* What protocol are used
Motion sensor STmicroelectronicts LSM9DS1
ALS/proximity Vishay VCNL4040
Smartcard 3FF format smart cards early batches use 2FF format card
* How is it connected?
* What Android frameworks do exist for smartcards
Back Camera w/LED flash 1/3" 13Mpx CMOS sensor, S5K3L6XX; 4224×3136 active pixels;
30fps @4K, 60fps @FHD, 120fps @HD; focusing range: 10cm - ∞ @AF; FOV: 81.5°
no drivers yet
Front Camera 1/4" 8Mpx CMOS sensor, YACG4D0C9SHC; 3264×2448 active pixels;
30fps @QUXGA, 60fps @FHD (Crop), 90fps @HD; focusing range: 28.9-65.0cm; FOV: 83.3°
no drivers yet
USB USB-C functions handled by TPS65982
charging handled by TI BQ25895
battery monitored by MAX17055
* USB-C connector for PD charging, USB 3.0 client and host function, DisplayPort
* doesn't require a nonfree firmware to use the video out (via USB-C DisplayPort alt-mode)



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