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Paul Kocialkowski, 12/30/2015 06:42 PM


libsamsung-ipc is a free software implementation of the Samsung IPC modem protocol, found in many Samsung devices.
libsamsung-ipc contains the device-specific code for transport between the kernel interface and the upper layer (usually, the Radio Interface Layer) and the definition of the data structures and values used ion the protocol.


The libsamsung-ipc source code is hosted by the Replicant project. The latest version is available on the master branch.
It has support for both the Android build system and autotools.


The library itself is mostly complete: the actual protocol work takes places in the upper layer implementations, so only new devices support is left to be added.


libsamsung-ipc ships with some tools to ease development.


ipc-modem is a deprecated tool that was used at the beginning of the work for talking to the Nexus S modem. It implements basic functionalities (mostly SIM unlocking and network registration), using libsamsung-ipc.

usage: ipc-modem <command>
    start                 boot modem and start read loop
    boot                  boot modem only
    power-on              power on the modem
    power-off             power off the modem
    --debug               enable debug messages
    --pin=[PIN]           provide SIM card PIN


ipc-test is a very minimalistic tool that simply boots up the modem and receives messages as they arrive. It is intended to ease boot code development by providing a standalone binary.

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