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Paul Kocialkowski, 12/21/2014 06:26 PM

Nexus One

Device Nexus One
Manufacturer Google/HTC
Release date January 2010
Codename passion
Status Unmaintained
Supported models PB99100, PB99110
Latest images Replicant 2.3 0005

Replicant status

Replicant status for the Nexus One: ReplicantStatus Replicant 2.3

Replicant installation

Replicant installation for the Nexus One: NexusOneInstallation

Replicant build

Replicant build for the Nexus One: NexusOneBuild

Freedom and privacy/security issues

Freedom issues on the Nexus One:
  • Proprietary hardware
  • Proprietary firmwares, some of which have to be loaded by the system: NexusOneLoadedFirmwares
  • Proprietary modem system
  • Proprietary bootrom
  • Proprietary and signed bootloader: NexusOneBootloader

Privacy/security issues on the Nexus One: NexusOnePrivacySecurityIssues

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