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Paul Kocialkowski, 02/05/2012 03:44 PM

Nexus One

Device Nexus One
Manufacturer Google/HTC
Codename passion
Replicant status Supported
Developers involved GNUtoo
Replicant version Replicant 2.3
Last image Replicant 2.3 preview 0002

Replicant status

Replicant status on Nexus One: ReplicantStatus

Known freedom issues:
  • Proprietary bootloader
  • Modem firmware is non-free and there is no free alternative
  • The modem controls sound, GPS, main CPU memory (read/write)
  • Needs some non-free firmwares for audio and microphone to work

Installation guide

Installation guide for the Nexus One: NexusOneInstall

Build guide

Build guide for the Nexus One: NexusOneBuild

Technical infos

  • List of the proprietary libraries, binaries and firmwares shipped on the Nexus One and the status of their replacement: NexusOneProprietary

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