Nexus S (I902x) loaded firmwares

The various integrated circuits found on a mobile device run small pieces of dedicated software that are called firmwares, when powerful enough.
Thus, these programs do not run on the main processor: instead, they are executed on other integrated circuits.

Some firmwares come pre-installed on the integrated circuit while some others have to be loaded to the circuit by the main processor and are usually distributed along with the system.
When those firmwares are proprietary, they are not distributed along with Replicant, nor do we recommend using them.

Firmware name Related chip Related functionality
fw_bcmdhd.bin Broadcom BCM4329 Wi-Fi
fw_bcmdhd_apsta.bin Broadcom BCM4329 Wi-Fi host
nvram_net.txt Broadcom BCM4329 Wi-Fi configuration
bcm4329.hcd Broadcom BCM4329 Bluetooth NXP PN544 NFC
samsung_mfc_fw.bin Samsung S5PC110/S5PV210 MFC Hardware media encoding/decoding

Note that the file is actually a library containing the firmware that will be executed on the main processor!

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