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It also may or may not contain all known issues or good point about this device.

General freedom issues on the Nexus S (I902x):

  • The hardware is proprietary.
  • Some peripherals do require proprietary firmwares to work, some of which are firmwares loaded by the system
  • The bootrom code (which is read-only by definition) is proprietary.
  • The bootloader is proprietary and signed bootloader

Modem related:

The modem runs proprietary software. It is loaded but not shipped by Replicant.
  • It has shared memory with the main CPU. This gives DMA attack like capability to the modem.
  • We are not aware of it being able to access the GPS, but it woulnd't be surprising if it still could (by having a direct connection to it).
  • Even if it has no physical access to the other CPU peripherals, it may be able to maliciously attack the main CPU by modifying its ram to gain such access (See the DMA attack article on wikipedia for more information on a very similar issue).
  • Nexus S terminal profile


  • Evaluate flight mode.

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