TODO: IMAGE Device Galaxy Note 2 4G (N7105)
Manufacturer HardKernel
Release date ?
Codename ?
Status N/A
Maintainer(s) N/A
Supported models N/A
Latest images N/A

Replicant status

At this time there is no interest in adding support for it in Replicant as it's a Single Board Computer.

However if we get a fully free bootloader for the Exynos 4412, and that we manage to build generic Replicant images supporting a wide variety of devices supported by Upstream Linux it could be added as well along the way.

The main purpose of getting such board was to use it to help with various research and upstreaming.


Hardware table

Component Name Source Status
SoC Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad

TODO: complete this hardware table

Software Configuration

Component Name data Status
Bootloader interface ? ? ?



Freedom and privacy/security issues

Freedom issues on the Odroid U3:
  • Proprietary hardware
  • TODO: check if there are any proprietary firmwares, and if some have to be loaded by the system.
  • Proprietary bootrom
  • Proprietary and signed bootloader


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