This page is meant to help people wanting to work on Replicant to:

So feel free to add yourself in this page if you work or want to work on Replicant.

People working or wanting to work on Replicant

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli

Nickname: GNUtoo
Email address:
GPG key: FB31 DBA3 AB8D B76A 4157 329F 7651 568F 8037 4459
Role: Replicant developer, member of the Replicant steering committee.
Location: Paris
Events/Conferences he typically attends to: FOSDEM, local events and conferences in Paris

Current work: Looking for help on: Previous work:

Devices and testing hardware: list (As I also work on other free software projects like Parabola, I moved the list there).


Joonas Kylmälä

Role: Replicant developer, member of the Replicant steering committee.
Nickname: Putti
Current work: Work on Replicant 11.0

Kurtis Hanna

Nickname: sensiblemn
Email address:
Role: Replicant community member
GPG key: 37FD C0C7 29DF 3D96 B011 7F54 876B BBA2 A175 64DB

Fil Bergamo

Nickname: filberg
Email address:
Role: Replicant developer, member of the Replicant steering committee.
GPG key: 2D36 719C A4B8 3C7A DD9D 33AE A02A 2F68 CD07 CEAD
Current work: Fixing minor issues, FSDG compliance, Testing Patches, Answering questions on forum
Previous work: Creator and maintainer of RepWifi.

Paul Kocialkowski

Nickname: PaulK
Email address:
Previous roles: Replicant developer, project governance
Current occupations: He now works free software hardware support in upstream projects (Linux, and GNU/Linux userspace) but he still advises the Replicant project on upstream related topics.
GPG key: 01B7 0C5D 940C B63D 5FA6 12C2 84FD C1EA 8FEE 950C

Adonay Felipe Nogueira

Nickname: adfeno
Contact information, OpenPGP keys and more:

David Ludovino

Nickname: dllud
Email address:
Role: Replicant developer
GPG key: FCC3 D55D 3021 261B 31E9 F885 27BA C048 7856 DE9C
Current work: Graphics on Replicant 11. Wiki contributor.
Previous work: Research on Graphics and WebView. Co-organization of Replicant activities in conferences and meetings.


Nickname: irelativism
Email address:
Role: Philosopher and Political activist, community fellow and contributor.
GPG key:
Current work: Infrastructure, Wiki migration effort, redmine-git (author:GNUtoo) .
Previous work: Issue tracking sorting and organization, interested in self-sustaining collectives and how that can be applied to FOSSprojects .
Devices: Skills:

Retired contributors

Wolfgang Wiedmeyer

Nickname: wiewo
Email address:
Role: Replicant developer
GPG key: 0F30 D1A0 2F73 F70A 6FEE 048E 5816 A24C 1075 7FC4

Retired members/founders

Bradley M. Kuhn

Nickname: bkuhn
Role: Replicant founder


Nickname: aarown
Role: Replicant founder, worked on replacing The Android Market by a free software equivalent


Nickname: Graziano
Role: Replicant founder