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h1. People 

 h2. Active developers 

 h3. Paul Kocialkowski 

 *Nickname:* PaulK 
 *Email address:* 
 *Role:* Currently the main Replicant developer 
 *GPG key:"8FEE950C" with fingerprint: 
 01B7 0C5D 940C B63D 5FA6 12C2 84FD C1EA 8FEE 950C 
 * Openmoko GTA02 (Neo FreeRunner) 
 * Goldelico GTA04 A4 (OpenPhoenux) 
 * HTC Dream 
 * GeeksPhone One 
 * Nexus One 
 * Nexus S (I902x) 
 * Galaxy Nexus (I9250) 
 * Galaxy S (I9000) 
 * Galaxy S2 (I9100) 
 * Galaxy Note (N7000) 
 * Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P51xx) 
 * Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) 
 * Unbranded Q88 tablet 
 * ZaReason Zatab 

 h3. Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 

 *Nickname:* GNUtoo 
 *Email address:* 
 *Role:* Replicant founder, still does some minor Replicant work 
 *Previous work:* 
 * Nearly all the initial work to port to the HTC Dream 
 * The Nexus One port 
 * Some part of the The Galaxy Nexus (I9250) port 
 * Some preliminary kernel work for Goldelico GTA04 port 
 * Some small part of The Galaxy Tab 2 7.1 (P3100) port 
 * Some infrastructure work 

 h2. Retired members/founders 

 h3. Bradley M. Kuhn 

 *Nickname:* bkuhn 
 *Role:* Replicant founder 
 * Nexus One 

 h3. Aarown 

 *Nickname:* aarown 
 *Role:* Replicant founder, worked on replacing The Android Market by a free software equivalent 
 * HTC Dream 

 h3. Graziano 

 *Nickname:* Graziano 
 *Role:* Replicant founder 
 * HTC Dream