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h1. People 


 h2. Introduction 

 This page is meant to help people wanting to work on Replicant to: 
 * Find help from people working or having worked in an area they want to work on 
 * Find help with testing on some specific devices 

 So feel free to add yourself in this page if you work or want to work on Replicant. 


 h2. People working or wanting to work on Replicant 


 h3. Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli 

 *Nickname:* GNUtoo 
 *Email address:* 
 *GPG key:* "FB31 DBA3 AB8D B76A 4157    329F 7651 568F 8037 4459": 
 *Role:* Replicant developer, member of the [[SteeringCommittee|Replicant steering committee]]. 
 *Location:* Paris 
 *Events/Conferences he typically attends to:* FOSDEM, local events and conferences in Paris 

 *Current work:*  
 * Preparing the Replicant 6.0 release 
 * Porting Replicant to Android 9.0, libsamsung-ipc and libsamsung-ril work 
 * Project documentation and installation instructions 
 * Making Replicant more easy to both users and contributors 
 * Community management. 

 *Looking for help on:*  
 * Mailing list administration: I'd like to concentrate on other tasks instead. 

 *Previous work:* 
 * Many small contributions for many devices and areas of Replicant 
 * Some uncompleted kernel work for Goldelico GTA04 port 
 * Replicant founder, worked on devices with Qualcomm System on a Chip (SOCs) long time ago 

 *Devices and testing hardware*: 

 I don't have all the devices supported by Replicant 6 yet, I still lack some tablets. 
 Feel free to ask me to do some tests on a specific device.  

 Here are the devices that I have which are relevant for Replicant among with the interesting infos which are relevant for testing or development: 
 * Galaxy S2 (i9100) with the default bootloader 
 * Galaxy S III (i9300) with the default bootloader 
 * Galaxy S III 4G (i9305) with the default bootloader 
 * Galaxy S III 4G (i9305) with the nonfree BL1 and u-boot 
 * Galaxy Note II (N7100) with either the default bootloader or u-boot 
 * Galaxy Note II 4G (N7105) with the nonfree BL1 and u-boot 
 * Galaxy Nexus (i9250) with the default bootloader 
 * Galaxy Note (N7000) with the default bootloader 
 * Galaxy Tab 2 7" GSM: 
 ** It has the back cover removed 
 ** I've also the vendor-specific USB cable 
 ** I've also an USB host adapter, and an external SD adapter. 
 * A serial cable adapter for many Samsung smartphones 
 * An Odroid U3 with the following: 
 ** a case  
 ** A PSU 
 ** an eMMC. 
 ** No serial cable: I currently lacks a serial cable but I can still get serial by connecting bare jump wires (may be dangerous, each time I need to make sure that the pins don't short). I also don't have a micro/mini/small-hdmi to HDMI adapter. 
 ** I didn't install Parabola on it yet nor explored the bootloader yet. 
 * GTA04 A3 and GTA04 A4 with: 
 ** A serial port adapter for the GTA04 
 ** Some batteries, and some GTA02 to charge them, but they are probably not in good enough state. Charging them is also somewhat complicated for me and takes some time. Though quick tests shound't be an issue. 
 * Optimus Black (P970): 
 ** I don't have any way to get to the serial port yet on that device 
 ** It has been modified by Paulk to make the bootrom boot USB first 
 * Nokia N900: may be useful for comparison as it has mainline drivers 
 * A tool (Simtrace 1) to trace SIM cards: can trace the mini-sim and the Galaxy SIII micro-sim 

 * Good at C 
 * Weak in C++, Java 
 * Has some good idea on how the hardware and modem works 
 * Has less good idea on how the graphics part works 


 h3. Joonas Kylmälä 

 *Role:* Replicant developer, member of the [[SteeringCommittee|Replicant steering committee]]. 
 *Nickname*: Putti 
 *Current work:* Work on Replicant 9.0 

 h3. Kurtis Hanna 

 *Nickname:* sensiblemn 
 *Email address:* 
 *Website:* "": 
 *Role:* Replicant community member 
 *GPG key:* "37FD C0C7 29DF 3D96 B011 7F54 876B BBA2 A175 64DB": 
 * Galaxy S2 (I9100) 
 * Galaxy S3 (I9300) 
 * Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) 
 * Galaxy Note 8.0 (N5110) 

 h3. Fil Bergamo 

 *Nickname:* Fil 
 *Email address:* 
 *Role:* Replicant developer, member of the [[SteeringCommittee|Replicant steering committee]]. 
 *GPG key*: 2D36 719C A4B8 3C7A DD9D    33AE A02A 2F68 CD07 CEAD 
 *Current work:* Fixing minor issues, FSDG compliance, Testing Patches, Answering questions on forum 
 *Previous work:* Creator and maintainer of RepWifi. 
 * Galaxy S2 (I9100) 
 * Galaxy S3 (I9300) 
 * Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) 
 * Galaxy Note 8.0 (N5110) 

 h3. Paul Kocialkowski 

 *Nickname:* PaulK 
 *Email address:* 
 *Previous roles:* Replicant developer, project governance 
 *Current occupations*: He now works free software hardware support in upstream projects (Linux, and GNU/Linux userspace) but he still advises the Replicant project on upstream related topics. 
 *GPG key:* "01B7 0C5D 940C B63D 5FA6 12C2 84FD C1EA 8FEE 950C": 

 h3. Adonay Felipe Nogueira 

 *Nickname:* adfeno 
 *Contact information, OpenPGP keys and more:* 
 * Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) 


 h2. Retired contributors 

 h3. Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 

 *Nickname:* wiewo 
 *Email address:* 
 *Website:* "": 
 *Role:* Replicant developer 
 *GPG key:* "0F30 D1A0 2F73 F70A 6FEE    048E 5816 A24C 1075 7FC4": 

 h2. Retired members/founders 

 h3. Bradley M. Kuhn 

 *Nickname:* bkuhn 
 *Role:* Replicant founder 
 * Nexus One 

 h3. Aarown 

 *Nickname:* aarown 
 *Role:* Replicant founder, worked on replacing The Android Market by a free software equivalent 
 * HTC Dream 

 h3. Graziano 

 *Nickname:* Graziano 
 *Role:* Replicant founder 
 * HTC Dream