Replicant is currently based on LineageOS 13 which is based on Android 6.0.
It is becoming very urgent to upgrade Replicant to a newer release of Android, as Android 6.0 is not supported anymore. It would probably also make it way easier to fix the following issues:
  • Replicant is currently lagging behind with security fixes
  • Replicant cannot be built from a GNU/Linux distribution that follows the Free Software Distribution Guidelines
Hardware requirements :
  • A computer that is able to build Replicant.
  • A smartphone or tablet that can easily supported by the new version of Replicant and that meet Android 9 HardwareRequirements.
Expected outcomes:
  • Remove all proprietary components of LineageOS and make sure that Replicant follows the Free Software Distributions Guidelines"
  • Port all the changes needed to successfully boot without any proprietary software in Replicant
  • Make sure that most of the security issues are fixed, and lower the attack surface if possible.
  • Make sure that Replicant can be built on a GNU/Linux distribution that follows the Free Software Distributions Guidelines
  • Rebrand LineageOS as Replicant

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