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h1. Replicant Release Key 

 The current Replicant release key expires: 2024-01-17 and has fingerprint: 
 E776 092B 052A DC91 FDD1    FD80 16D1 FEEE 4A80 EB23 

 h2. Retrieving the Replicant release key 

 h3. From a key server  

 You can an retrieve our signing key from a public key server and import it to your GPG keyring using: 
 gpg --recv-key 4A80EB23 


 h3. From our releases 

 A copy of our signing key is shipped with every Replicant release: please reefer to [[ReplicantImages]]. 
 Once downloaded, the key can be imported to your GPG keyring using: 
 gpg    --armor --import path/to/4A80EB23.gpg 


 h2. Establishing a chain of trust 

 In order to establish a chain of trust, you are encouraged to retrieve our release key physically when meeting a trusted [[People|Replicant developer]] and sign it with your own key.