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h1. SDK 


 h2. Introduction 

 The Android SDK as released by Google is distributed under a non-free license and suggests installing non-free plug-ins such as the Google APIs. 

 Replicant 4.2 and earlier provided its own SDK, built from source. The [[ReplicantSDK]] page holds a list of the previously released Replicant SDK builds. 

 With Replicant 6.0, Replicant didn't invest time into releasing an SDK since several FSF certified distributions already shipped an Android 6.0 compatible SDK. The associated "blog post": has more details about this choice. 

 After Android 6.0 there isn't any good enough solutions yet. 

 h2. GNU/Linux distributions 

 The following FSF certified distributions have Android SDKs: 

 | Distribution                      | Gradle version    | Android versions     | 
 | PureOS 9 (amber)        amber           | 4.4.1             | 6.0 (API Level 23) | 
 | PureOS 10 (byzantium) | 4.4.1             | 6.0 (API Level 23) | 
 | Trisquel 9 (etiona)        | 3.4.1             | 6.0 (API Level 23) | 
 | Trisquel 10 (nabia)        | 4.4.1             | 6.0 (API Level 23) | 

 At the time of writing, Guix, Hyperbola, Parabola don't have an SDK, and the other FSF certified distributions weren't checked but are unlikely to have packages for an Android SDK. 

 The following distributions are also known to have an Android SDK: 
 | Distribution           | Gradle version    | Android versions     | 
 | Debian    9 (stretch)    | 3.2.1             | 6.0 (API Level 23) | 
 | Debian 10 (buster)     |                   |                      | 
 | Debian 11 (bullseye) | 4.4.1             | 6.0 (API Level 23) | 

 The [[F-DroidAndApplications]] wiki page also has information on attempts to build Android packages with these SDKs. 

 h2. Attempts to go further than Android 6.0 

 At some point there was an Android Rebuilds project that provided free SDKs at but the author mentions that the project ended in 2021[1].  

 That project also lacked a license. That led "another project by wchen342": to restart from scratch.  

 Wchen342's reimplementation is tested ungoogled-chromium-android and uses debian 12 (bookworm) through docker. It might be possible to use PureOS instead when the equivalent PureOS version is released. 

 F-Droid also has a "forum post": that asks for help with that as they currently rely on the nonfree SDKs and they want to fix that. 

 fn1. "Android Rebuilds, how to rebuild SDK/NDK, precisely, without non-free EULA (2015-2021)" on 

 h2. Replicant SDK 

 See [[ReplicantSDKUsage]] for more details about SDKs up to Replicant 4.2.