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Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli, 03/08/2020 04:09 AM

SIM not recognized with libsamsung-ipc and samsung-ril


This page attempts to list SIM cards that are known to be compatible with Replicant, and the ones were known not to be compatible because of a bug.

The main bug is fixed now and has been part of Replicant 4.0 0004 RC1, however we still need to make sure that all the reported bugs are also fixed as the symptoms could be similar but have another cause.

There are many bug reports about the SIM cards not being recognized by Replicant 6.0, and most of them seem to have the same cause.

In order to make it easier to reproduce, a list of compatible and incompatible cards has stated to be sumarized here, mostly using the information from the various bugreports.

List of

country type carrier date works references prices and conditions
France contract Free ? (years ago, 2013?) Yes
France prepaid SFR bought the 2018-08-24 in Paris Yes
France ? SFR Very old card, expired * Replicant 6.0: No
* Replicant 4.2: Yes
#1909 N/A
France prepaid Orange ? (probably bought last year) Yes #1868
France conrtact? Orange No #1868
Italy ? Fastweb No #1824
Italy ? Wind older SIM cards Yes #1871
Italy prepaid Wind No #1871 25E, valid one month, 10E per recharge
Spain ? Vodafone micro-SIM
bought before the 2018-02-23
No #1874

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