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Remove redondent information (the repo message says just as much) that makes reading the wiki harder.

Replicant Sources

Browsing the source

The Replicant source code is currently hosted at Gitorious:
There is a branch per Replicant version, like replicant-2.2.

Code tree location

Start by defining the place where you want to download Replicant tree.

Important: the name of the path to this location must not contain spaces!

Installing the tools

Then, download the repo tool and set it executable:

mkdir tools
cd tools
chmod a+x repo
cd ../

Getting the source manifest

The source manifest is the list of all the git repositories that are present in the Replicant tree.
Each Replicant version has a dedicated branch with the proper source manifest.

Replicant 4.2

mkdir replicant-4.2
cd replicant-4.2
../tools/repo init -u git:// -b replicant-4.2

Replicant 4.0

mkdir replicant-4.0
cd replicant-4.0
../tools/repo init -u git:// -b replicant-4.0

Replicant 2.3

mkdir replicant-2.3
cd replicant-2.3
../tools/repo init -u git:// -b replicant-2.3

Replicant 2.2

mkdir replicant-2.2
cd replicant-2.2
../tools/repo init -u git:// -b replicant-2.2

Downloading/Updating the source from the repos

Now that you have configured the repository to use a manifest, you can start downloading Replicant sources for the desired version.

This step is very long and can take the whole day to complete!

../tools/repo sync

Depending on your internet bandwidth, using the -j argument may speed up the process (if you encounter errors, retry without the -j argument):

../tools/repo sync -j9

You must redo this step each time you want to sync your tree, in order to keep it up to date. Future syncs are faster than the first one.

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