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Pushing mirrors with SSH access

If you have SSH access, you can then clone the git repository directly on the server. This is way faster than having to push the code from a slow ADSL connection for instance.

  1. Check the LineageOS manifest for newly added repos
  2. If there are any, add them in the LineageOS-mirror manifest and push the changes to
  3. If there are any, create the newly added repos in the LineageOS-mirror group (using the exact same names the repos have in LineageOS)
    # sudo -iu git
    $ cd repositories/LineageOS-mirror/
    $ git clone --mirror git://<repo-name>.git
    $ cd <repo-name>.git
    $ touch git-daemon-export-ok

Pushing the code without SSH

Replicant uses gitolite to handle git access.

Creating repositories

If you don't already have the right to create repositories in the group you want to push to, this can be done with someone with SSH access to the git server:

sudo -iu git
mkdir repositories/<groupname>/<repo-name>.git
cd repositories/<groupname>/<repo-name>.git
git --bare init
touch git-daemon-export-ok

<groupname> is to be replaced by the repository namespaces. For instance:
  • replicant is used for the source code used in Replicant that has been created or modified by Replicant
  • LineageOS-mirror is used to mirror LineageOS source code
  • AOSP-mirror is used to mirror the Android Open Source Project(AOSP) source code
  • Many other groupnames are for Replicant contributors like Fil, GNUtoo, JeremyRand, PaulK, Tehnoetic and wiewo

Gitoilte access

Once the repository has been created you then need to configure gitolite to give access to the repository.

gitolite is configured by configuration files stored in git.

The repository that handles that is at:


Examples of push URL can be found in the various repositories in cgit.

For instance for omap-usb-boot we can see the following URL:



Once the git repository is setup either by mirroring it with SSH or by setting it up in the normal way, you still need
to configure cgit to make the repository appear on the cgit web interface.

See the Cgit wiki page for where to adjust its configuration.


It's worth to check if all mirror repos have bundles in place.

TODO: Document how to create bundles.

So far the LineageOS mirror has bundles but not AOSP mirror.

CAF variants

If we ever add support for a device that uses CAF branches of Qualcomm repos, we need to figure out how the mirror can still be updated and how releases can be tagged.

CAF branches are in the same repos as the default branches. So two or more local repos are created for one remote repo when the default branch and the CAF branches are checked out. The current setup for tagging a new release and updating the mirror assumes that there is one local repo for one remote repo.

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