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h1. Good Potential Targets 

 h2. Good Targets 
 A good potential target for Replicant will have: 

 * Unlocked / Engineering bootloader or Root-capable Recovery capable of booting unsigned operating system files 
 * Compatibility Works with standard tools (adb, fastboot, heimdall) fastboot) 
 * GSM / UMTS network capability (CDMA2000 devices require proprietary libraries signed with a particular key in order to use the network) network.) 
 * Components (e.g., Wifi, Bluetooth, Camera, Video, Touchscreen) with freely available documentation 
 * Ability to flash via fastboot. (Currently Replicant does not publish files.) 
 * Support in CyanogenMod or other AOSP-based Android build 
 * As few binary-only drivers as possible 

 h2. Ideal Targets 

 An ideal potential target for Replicant will have: 

 * All of the good potential target characteristics 
 * Processor Isolation - Modem cannot spy on the memory of the Application processor 
 * Components that do not require loadable firmware 
 * Commonality with devices already supported in Replicant or other Free Software phone project 
 * Zero binary-only drivers 
 * Free-able bootloader