This page describes how to help Replicant if you have some time at hand.

Project focus

While supporting many common (Samsung) phones and tablets is relatively easy and fast to do, we think that it's at lot more important to support devices that are better for freedom. Many Samsung devices we do support have an isolated modem, however we can't free their bootloader because it is signed.

Devices like the GTA04 or the LG Optimus Black don't have this bootloader issue, while still having an isolated modem.
We therefore strongly advise to pick tasks that would improve the support for these more freedom-friendly devices in Replicant.

We however still accept contributions for devices with isolated modems and non-free bootloaders.

Filtering the issue tracker for open issues, which have either one of the priorities immediate, urgent or high, lists the important current tasks.

Additionally, below is an overview over tasks where help is greatly appreciated.

Various tasks that don't require specific hardware

Device-specific tasks

Wiki and this page