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Wolfgang Wiedmeyer, 05/03/2017 04:05 PM
add boot animation task

1 10 Paul Kocialkowski
h1. Tasks
3 88 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
This page describes how to help Replicant if you have some time at hand.
4 1 Paul Kocialkowski
5 62 Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli
h2. Project focus
6 1 Paul Kocialkowski
7 79 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
While supporting many common (Samsung) phones and tablets is relatively easy and fast to do, we think that it's at lot more important to support devices that are better for freedom. Many Samsung devices we do support have an isolated modem, however we can't free their bootloader because it is signed.
8 62 Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli
9 79 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
Devices like the GTA04 or the LG Optimus Black don't have this bootloader issue, while still having an isolated modem.
We therefore strongly advise to pick tasks that would improve the support for these more freedom-friendly devices in Replicant.
12 1 Paul Kocialkowski
We however still accept contributions for devices with isolated modems and non-free bootloaders.
14 90 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
Filtering the issue tracker for open issues, which have either one of the priorities "immediate":/projects/replicant/issues?set_filter=1&f[]=status_id&op[status_id]=o&f[]=priority_id&op[priority_id]=%3D&v[priority_id][]=39&f[]=&c[]=tracker&c[]=status&c[]=priority&c[]=subject&c[]=assigned_to&c[]=updated_on&c[]=category&c[]=cf_21&group_by=, "urgent":/projects/replicant/issues?set_filter=1&f[]=status_id&op[status_id]=o&f[]=priority_id&op[priority_id]=%3D&v[priority_id][]=33&f[]=&c[]=tracker&c[]=status&c[]=priority&c[]=subject&c[]=assigned_to&c[]=updated_on&c[]=category&c[]=cf_21&group_by= or "high":/projects/replicant/issues?set_filter=1&f[]=status_id&op[status_id]=o&f[]=priority_id&op[priority_id]=%3D&v[priority_id][]=27&f[]=&c[]=tracker&c[]=status&c[]=priority&c[]=subject&c[]=assigned_to&c[]=updated_on&c[]=category&c[]=cf_21&group_by=, lists the important current tasks.
Additionally, below is an overview over tasks where help is greatly appreciated.
16 1 Paul Kocialkowski
17 62 Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli
h2. Tasks that don't require specific hardware
18 35 Paul Kocialkowski
19 85 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Fix the security vulnerabilities "reported in the issue tracker":/projects/replicant/issues?set_filter=1&f[]=status_id&op[status_id]=o&f[]=category_id&op[category_id]=%3D&v[category_id][]=141&f[]=&c[]=tracker&c[]=status&c[]=priority&c[]=subject&c[]=assigned_to&c[]=updated_on&c[]=category&c[]=cf_21&group_by= (Very important)
20 67 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Make a more complete EGL implementation like llvmpipe usable so newer webview versions and Firefox-based browsers can be used (Feature #705) (Very important as it affects security)
21 86 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Include a F-Droid version in Replicant that is compatible with the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (Very important) (Issue #1629)
22 80 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Make it easy to rebuild the prebuilt parts of the toolchain and other binaries in the source code ([[Toolchain]]) (Important).
23 74 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Make it easy to build and release a Replicant NDK or a package with build tools from the Replicant source code (Issue #1787 and Feature #837, see also [[NDKBuild]] for Replicant 4.2)
24 62 Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli
* Improve software video decoding (Feature #1521) (Less important)
25 93 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Create a Replicant boot animation (Feature #1797) (Less important)
26 82 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Clean the ReplicantWallpapers code and use modern Trebuchet-like wallpaper selector (Feature #1527) (Less important)
27 1 Paul Kocialkowski
h2. Device-specific tasks
30 83 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Improve hardware-specific graphics acceleration (Feature #1491, [[GraphicsResearch]]) (Important if it can benefits devices with free bootloaders)
* Figure out the [[BCM4751]] GPS protocol and write a free implementation (Feature #1473) (Important since it affects many devices, including the Optimus Black)
32 1 Paul Kocialkowski
* Improve various aspects of [[Samsung-RIL]] (add support for missing features and/or correct bugs) (Issue #1485)
33 81 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Add the missing audio scenarios for Bluetooth (AD2P, calls, etc) and dock audio for the [[GalaxyS2I9100|Galaxy S2 (I9100)]] (#1497)
34 1 Paul Kocialkowski
* Make the [[GSD4t]] GPS work (Feature #1479)
* Write free firmware replacements for WiFi, Bluetooth, camera and hardware media encoding/decoding chips on Replicant-supported devices
36 77 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
37 84 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
h2. Wiki and this page
38 77 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Write guidelines for reporting bugs
  They should clarify which kind of issues should rather be discussed in the forums and how security issues should be reported.
41 92 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Create a page to inform about freedom issues (including anti-features) with other distributions (e.g. CopperheadOS)
42 77 Wolfgang Wiedmeyer
* Describe the project priorities and the required hardware if any