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h1. Tools installation 

 This page explains how to install the various tools used with Replicant. It is assumed that you are running a GNU/Linux operating system. 

 Note: you may need to run the tools as root if your current user doesn't have USB access privileges. 

 h2. From distributions 

 Many distributions already have packages for the most common tools.  

 Using the tools from your distribution have many advantages: 
 * It's often easier to install 
 * They are often more up to date and more tested than the ones shipped by Replicant 

 h3. Parabola 

 sudo pacman -S android-tools android-udev heimdall 


 h3. Debian and Ubuntu 

 sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot heimdall-flash 

 h3. Guix 

 guix install adb heimdall fastboot mkbootimg 


 h2. Installing it from Replicant 

 Some of the tools are also built with the Replicant releases.  

 1. Download the @adb@, @fastboot@, @heimdall@, @mkbootimg@ and @unpackbootimg@ tools, with their corresponding @.asc@ signatures files from [[ReplicantImages]] for the latest image. 
 2. Make sure you have added the [[ReplicantReleaseKey|Replicant release key]] of the latest version to your GPG keyring 
 3. Check the signature of the each tools: 
 gpg --armor --verify path/to/adb.asc path/to/adb 
 gpg --armor --verify path/to/fastboot.asc path/to/fastboot 
 gpg --armor --verify path/to/heimdall.asc path/to/heimdall 
 gpg --armor --verify path/to/mkbootimg.asc path/to/mkbootimg 
 gpg --armor --verify path/to/unpackbootimg.asc path/to/unpackbootimg 
 4. Make sure the check succeeds, *do not run the binary if it doesn't*! 

 As the tools are built as a 32 bit binary, you will need to install compatibility libraries for 32 bits executables if your computer is running on a 64 bit architecture. 
 5. Make sure tools can be executed: 
 chmod a+x adb 
 chmod a+x fastboot 
 chmod a+x heimdall 
 chmod a+x mkbootimg 
 chmod a+x unpackbootimg 

 6. You can now use the tools. As they weren't installed in the system path, you need to go in the directory they were downloaded in and add a './' in front of the commands. 
 For instance if you want to obtain a list of commands accepted by adb you can use the following command: 
 ./adb --help