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h1. Usage Notes 

 General-purpose usage notes and tips 

 h2. Enabling root access 

 To allow root access, open the *Developer options* in the settings. There, press *Root access*. In the pop-up menu, select either *Apps only*, *ADB only* or *Apps and ADB*, depending on how you want to restrict root access. See [[ADB]] for more information about root access with ADB. 

 h2. Device Encryption 

 * Do not set the default keyboard (LatinIME) as a non-system app if you use encryption: it will prevent you from entering the password to open the encrypted storage. 

 h2. Barcode scanning 

 The mostly used barcode scanner app "ZXing": has a slow preview. The "privacy-friendly QR Scanner": has a faster preview. 

 h2. Video playback 

 Viewing videos in the gallery or in the browser is not possible. See #1539 for background information. 

 Only the VLC app is known to be able to play videos on Replicant. Make sure to disable hardware acceleration in the settings to prevent crashes. 

 VLC is currently disabled in the F-Droid repository because only outdated versions are available. You need to enable the archive repository in the repository settings to be able to install VLC from F-Droid.