Replicant workshops have usually been organized to help contributors, typically by answering to question or helping them overcome some issues that are blocking them from continuing to contribute.

Requirements for participants

In order to make the most efficient use of the time of everybody:
  • People that are organizing the workshop should bring a computer that is able to build Replicant in a timely manner. This means that Replicant source code should already be downloaded and synced before the workshop, and the build environment setup. For slower computers, it's a good idea to build Replicant once beforehand, in order not to need to rebuild everything from scratch during the workshop.
  • For people that are attending the workshop and that need to build Replicant, it would be best to try to download the source beforehand, as that can take a very long time, and to try to build Replicant. This way if you succeed in building it, you don't need to setup the build system the workshop and you can then do more advanced things at the workshop.
    If you fail in building or downloading it, you would then be able to get some help on that at the workshop.

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