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h1. Wiki 


 h2. Bootloader projects 

 * [[BootloaderStatus]]: Upstream and downstream status of bootloader for various smartphones and tablets. 

 h2. Linux 

 * [[LinuxSupportedDevices]]: Smartphones and tablets supported in Linux 
 * Exynos TODO list: . Has very important information such as "Fix entering AFTR (cpuidle) when some power domains are off." that could help avoid waisting many hours debugging some difficult issues. 

 h2. Cross distro collaboration 

 In collaboration with other people on Wikidata, we added We now have the "Comaptible with" property ("P8956": ("P8956": in Wikidata. 

 We can therefor use it to describe hardware and software compatibility in a way that is reusable by other FSDG compatible distributions (so we can share the work there), and also enable us to run queries on larger data sets.