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h1. Wiki 


 h2. Bootloader projects 

 * [[BootloaderStatus]]: Upstream and downstream status of bootloader for various smartphones and tablets. 

 h2. Linux 

 * [[LinuxSupportedDevices]]: Smartphones and tablets supported in Linux 
 * Exynos TODO list: . Has very important information such as "Fix entering AFTR (cpuidle) when some power domains are off." that could help avoid waisting many hours debugging some difficult issues. 


 h2. Wikidata 

 We now have a proper way to express software and hardware compatibility in Wikidata: 
 * "comptible with": can be used to tell that a device is compatible with a dts file that is part of Linux for instance. Note that we want to avoid having Linux being compatible with way too many devices. Instead it's better to have the devices be compatible with Linux not to have a list of properties that is gigantic. Note that at the time of writing (December 2020), this property is very new, so not everything has been converted to use it yet. 
 * Before other properties like "Platform": were abused to express compatibility between hardware and software 
 * Other properties like "operating system": also do exist 

 h2. License 

 All the wikis in this Redmine instance are available under the "Creative Commons BY-SA": license.