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h1. Wiki 


 h2. Bootloader projects 

 * [[BootloaderStatus]]: Upstream and downstream status of bootloader for various smartphones and tablets. 


 h2. Linux 

 * [[LinuxSupportedDevices]]: Smartphones and tablets supported in Linux 
 * Exynos TODO list: . Has very important information such as "Fix entering AFTR (cpuidle) when some power domains are off." that could help avoid waisting many hours debugging some difficult issues. 

 h2. Cross distro collaboration 

 There is an "attempt on Wikidata to add a 'Compatible with' property": . 

 We need more people to vote on it and/or to find potential issues to fix, to make it advance. 

 It would allow to add things like The "Samsung GT-I9300" is compatible with exynos4412-i9300.dts which is part of Linux. 

 Once we have that, we could reuse that data in various ways. 

 On Wikipedia, there is already a bot (listeria) that is deployed that enable people to generate mediawiki tables from wikidata data with SPARQL querry language. 

 Wikidata data can also be reused in python, and we have examples code that made use of    it already. 

 The Replicant "hardware-data subproject": has additional information on that.