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Total time: 12.30 hours

Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Replicant03/23/2019Denis 'GNUtoo' CarikliDevelopmentIssue #1878: Remove f-droid from replicant until it we find a way to make it FSDG compliant againtext writing + collarboration with Fil1.00
Replicant03/21/2019Denis 'GNUtoo' CarikliDevelopmentIssue #1071: Host all the upstream project code that we use.various issues were encountred along the way (shallow git copy, not fetching other repo groups etc) and huge git with slow connection + manual workaround for that6.00
Replicant Against the EU Radio Lockdown Directive03/07/2019Denis 'GNUtoo' CarikliDevelopmentIssue #1908: Public consulationsetup the sub-project0.30
Replicant02/06/2019Denis 'GNUtoo' CarikliDesignIssue #1909: Old French SFR SIM with PIN code setup card not detectedTraces + log analysis, lot of time was waisted trying to setup a phone that doesn't run libsamsung-ipc/libsamsung-ril to make sure that I could use the non-working SIM card for furturer debugging5.00

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