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05:30 PM Replicant Feature #1946: Add support for the Note 10.1 (2012 edition)
From the Linux 5.11 release overview: Kurtis Hanna
05:27 PM Upstreaming patches Issue #2051: Add audio support for midas
Two sound related Exynos4412 changes were included in this Linux 5.11 overview:
DTS ARM changes
* Add intercon...
Kurtis Hanna
05:17 PM Upstreaming patches Issue #2202: midas: Make usb host work
the pmOS repo that includes upstream kernel support for midas devices and the i9100, linux-postmarketos-exynos4, adde... Kurtis Hanna


11:10 PM Replicant Issue #1937: Liberate the bcm4334 wifi/bluetooth firmware Kurtis Hanna


03:32 PM Replicant Feature #1473: BCM4751 GPS support
Pedro, not sure if this helps or not, but I found this on github: Kurtis Hanna
03:23 PM Replicant Feature #1473: BCM4751 GPS support
Pedro Ângelo wrote in #note-6:
> It's a BCM4751A2.
> I'm trying to help out porting grouper to mainline linux i...
Kurtis Hanna


05:14 AM Replicant Issue #2125: Report battery % / charging
Not sure if this helps at all, but here is a max17047 related commit from upstream that was added a few months ago. h... Kurtis Hanna


12:58 AM Replicant Issue #2153: Enable users to get root directly on the device
Should we ship Replicant 11 with Magisk pre-installed? Kurtis Hanna


10:07 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (i317m)
I've tested the N7100 Replicant 6 images on the i317m and they work just fine with the exception of telephony not wor... Kurtis Hanna
09:14 PM Replicant Issue #2080: Make sure we detail the security model of Replicant (10) properly
I also see is an up to date project, but it requires Magisk which isn't available in F... Kurtis Hanna

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