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03:24 AM Replicant Issue #1780: Update the webview apk
My understanding of the discussion related to this on IRC was that, for our 6.0 0004 release, we will build and provi... Kurtis Hanna


02:52 AM Replicant Issue #1780: Update the webview apk
Debian, Guix, Bromite, Iridium, Inox, ungoogled-chromium, Iridium, and Vanadium all seem to have their own versions o... Kurtis Hanna


07:55 PM Replicant Issue #1773: Metalic and horrible sound quality when call are made through 3G network / Replicant 4.2 & 6.0 on I9300 and N7100
If anyone would like to install LineageOS 14.1 for i9300 in order to compare logs as suggested in #1773#note-2, it se... Kurtis Hanna
07:33 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: i9500 (Galaxy S4)
Hi Jack,
Thanks for your question. The Exynos version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 uses the Exynos7420 SoC, which has ...
Kurtis Hanna
12:42 AM Replicant Issue #1947: Ask upstream F-Droid to build up to date WebView
I fixed a typo in the subject Kurtis Hanna


03:04 PM Replicant Feature #1889 (Resolved): Add USB Ethernet support
All of the ethernet patches have been pushed so I'm closing this ticket and marking it as fixed. Kurtis Hanna


11:45 PM Replicant Issue #1960: Build release candidate image for 6.0 0004
Denis said in the IRC that he has some Coreboot devices with varying degrees of freedom and that it might be interest... Kurtis Hanna
06:04 PM Replicant Issue #1861: Recommend to use an FSDG compliant distribution to build Replicant
I took off the 0004 target version. I had changed it recently due to a misunderstanding here: https://redmine.replica... Kurtis Hanna
06:02 PM Replicant Issue #1787 (In Progress): Make Replicant 6.0 buildable on a GNU FSDG-compliant distribution
I closed this ticket based on a misunderstanding. Denis had mentioned on our IRC channel that he built Replicant 9 on... Kurtis Hanna


04:41 PM Replicant Replicant development: RE: can't find a way of informing you of sim cards working / not working w 6.0003
We've had a lot of issues with people not being able to get various SIM cards to work. It should be noted though that... Kurtis Hanna

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