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11:19 PM Replicant Wiki edit: QMI-RIL (#33)
add Note II LTE issue link Joey Hewitt
11:11 PM Replicant Feature #1958 (In Progress): Note II LTE modem (ofono Java RIL)
I'm working on porting my oFono-based Java RIL to Replicant 6 on Note II LTE (which should also apply to Galaxy S III... Joey Hewitt


04:17 AM Replicant Wiki edit: GalaxyNote2N7100Installation (#10)
add SSP firmare note Joey Hewitt
04:14 AM Replicant Wiki edit: GalaxyNote2N7100LoadedFirmwares (#5)
Joey Hewitt


02:55 AM Replicant Wiki edit: QMI-RIL (#30)
add some more Sahara links Joey Hewitt


03:27 PM Replicant Wiki edit: GalaxySIII4GGTI9305 (#27)
add mainlining notes Joey Hewitt
02:16 AM Replicant Issue #1849: SIM card does not work after device encryption
Does the SIM card have a PIN code set? Joey Hewitt


05:40 AM Replicant Feature #1945: Evaluate more in depth the android_frameworks_opt_telephony_ril_ofono RIL
I'm the author of this RIL. I added some detail to GNUtoo's graph, attached. (Sorry it's weird; I don't know graphviz... Joey Hewitt
04:15 AM Replicant Wiki edit: ContributorsMeetingJuly2019 (#167)
revert. the gitweb and git source URLs are different... Joey Hewitt
04:13 AM Replicant Wiki edit: ContributorsMeetingJuly2019 (#166)
fix GNUtoo sources link Joey Hewitt

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