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11:43 PM Replicant Issue #2141: Enable reboot to recovery and reboot to bootloader
I got a functional downoad mode by changing S5P_INFORM2 from 0xF008, to 0x0808, in the relevant dtsi, as found here h... Belgin Stirbu


10:18 PM Replicant Replicant usage: RE: N7100 won't boot after the battery fell out during bootup
Someone reported a very similar issue on IRC, and it was determined that installing the RC5 image for the respective ... Belgin Stirbu


10:42 AM Replicant Issue #2226: Remove remaining nonfree firmwares in kernel_samsung_smdk4412 in Replicant 6
Here's a list of all files in kernel/smdk4412/drivers/input/touchscreen that contain big arrays of bytes:
Belgin Stirbu


09:56 PM Replicant Replicant usage: RE: Changing the microSD card
There shouldn't be any OS on the sdcard. You just turn off your phone, get the sdcard out, put in the new o...
Belgin Stirbu


11:02 PM Replicant Issue #2137: Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
Internal WiFi is disabled in Replicant because the chip requires firmware which hasn't been liberated.
If you're usi...
Belgin Stirbu


02:13 AM Replicant Wiki edit: Mainlining_gt-n51xx (#1)
Belgin Stirbu


08:15 PM Replicant Issue #2009: RecoveryInstallationWithHeimdall: check how to get the Galaxy Note 8.0 in the odin mode
The instructions in the wiki[1] for entering ODIN mode for "all other devices" are valid for gt-n5110.
The gt-n5110 ...
Belgin Stirbu


12:51 AM Replicant Issue #1909: Old French SFR SIM with PIN code setup card not detected
There is a strange part of code that does some parsing of TLVs in the data coming from the SIM in file hardware/ril/... Belgin Stirbu

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