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10:20 PM Replicant Replicant usage: RE: mp4 playback on i9100 (Replicant 6)
Thanks a lot! Works like a charm, even better than before!
JuanPi Carbajal


02:44 AM Replicant Issue #1925: On the Galaxy SII, the GPS isn't supposed to work, but OSMAnd is able to get a position in "device only" mode
I've been also unable to reproduce this behavior on i9100.
GPStest is unable to g...
JuanPi Carbajal
02:34 AM Replicant Issue #1928: Bluetooth is working on several devices when it shouldn't
I can confirm that bluetooth works without nonfree firmware on i9100.
Additionally, installing nonfree firmware rend...
JuanPi Carbajal
02:12 AM Replicant Replicant usage: [SOLVED] mp4 playback on i9100 (Replicant 6)
Hi all,
Thank you for the amazing project.
I have recently updated from Replicant 4 to 6 on a i9100 device. In ...
JuanPi Carbajal

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