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04:16 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: LG L90
I understand your logic, but increasingly there are in the market many cheap $100 Android phones on sale with large s... Adric ≈
04:57 AM Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: LG L90
Why? IIRC, Cyanogenmod supports them. Adric ≈


05:36 AM Replicant Devices evaluations: LG L90
The LG L90 was recently on sale at T-Mobile for $100 (model LG-D415), which is where I bought it.
4.7 in...
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03:38 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: Samsung Galaxy Avant
This is a phone that's being sold at T-Mobile for US $200.
Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat)
Qualcomm MSM8226 S...
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03:05 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: Blu Studio 5
I ended up not buying the BLU phone, because the salespeople at the almost entirely empty Fry's that I went to were c... Adric ≈


04:39 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: Blu Studio 5
Hey all,
This is an unlocked 5-inch 480p Android phone from a company based in Florida.
It is only $130.
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04:26 PM Replicant About the Replicant project: Replicant SSL certificate error
Hi Paul & all,
When I accessed in Firefox I got an SSL error and I had to create an exception. Simila...
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