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02:16 AM Replicant Issue #2087: Add GT-N5100 to [[Exynos4Bootrom]]
I could add this to the attempt section Exynos4Bootrom. However, for this and any other issue on the wiki I need writ... Stefan Begerad
01:26 AM Replicant Issue #2091: read how-to-lock-the-samsung-download-mode-using-an-undocumented-feature-of-aboot and integrate it in the wiki
How about adding the above mentioned link at the right place in the wiki? One reasonable place could be wiki>research... Stefan Begerad
01:02 AM Replicant Issue #2092: Evaluate for a guide to contribute to Replicant
You are right. With 444 slides the linked PDF from the last issue update is way more comprehensive than most of the t... Stefan Begerad
12:17 AM Replicant Issue #2093: Document advocacy about the radio directive and similar laws/reglements
What has the link in the last update to do with the topic? Can you please point out in more detail what the topic is ... Stefan Begerad


02:48 AM Replicant Feature #2136 (Rejected): Work on Google Nexus S still valuable for Replicant?
Hi there, I possess a working Google Nexus S. Would it do Replicant any help to proceed work on this device? Does any... Stefan Begerad


07:39 PM Replicant Issue #2124: Replicant installation for Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250)
Hi Kurtis,
thank you very much for the OTG hint. I do not have one at hand but try to get hold of it and get back wi...
Stefan Begerad


01:35 AM Replicant Issue #2124 (New): Replicant installation for Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250)
Hi there!
I just tried to install the latest Replicant (Replicant 6.0 0003) on my Nexus. I chose the following opt...
Stefan Begerad

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