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07:17 PM Replicant Issue #399 (Closed): Missed calles activate airplane mode
On the Nexus S, using a crespo image built one week ago, when I miss a call, airplane mode will be turned on.
John Sullivan


04:15 PM Replicant Wiki edit: DreamMagic (#7)
typo John Sullivan
04:15 PM Replicant Wiki edit: DreamMagic (#6)
link to the general installation guide since there is no device-specific one John Sullivan


09:30 PM Replicant Issue #105 (Rejected): Indicator light doesn't flash for new SMS
Using the latest preview image for Nexus S, plus a newer RIL from paulk, the Nexus S indicator light does not flash u... John Sullivan


09:49 PM Replicant Issue #87: Data stops working after a while on Nexus S
Turning data off and then back on makes it work again.
John Sullivan


02:39 PM Replicant Issue #24 (Closed): Airplane mode doesn't work on HTC Dream
As of an image built on 2011.06.23, airplane mode works.
John Sullivan


09:46 PM Replicant Issue #25 (Closed): Build error with GNUtoo's patch
... John Sullivan


10:00 PM Replicant Issue #24 (Closed): Airplane mode doesn't work on HTC Dream
HTC Dream in the US, with T-Mobile and the new RIL
Turning on Airplane mode just pops up a spinner that never goes...
John Sullivan
09:58 PM Replicant Issue #23 (Closed): SMSes don't finish sending sometimes; reboot required
On HTC Dream with T-Mobile in the US, using the new RIL, sometimes the phone gets in a state where text messages won'... John Sullivan


10:14 PM Replicant Issue #22 (Closed): Data connection dies after phone call
On an HTC Dream with T-Mobile, using the new htcgeneric ril, sometimes the data connection becomes unavailable after ... John Sullivan

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