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03:01 PM Replicant Issue #1989 (New): 'Trebuchet' crashes while opening app group/folder
_Trebuchet_ crashes if "app folders" (groups of apps) are opened after some other tile of homescreen has been viewed.... doak complex
02:39 PM Replicant Issue #1986: 'Safe Mode' purges accounts
Tested also an Replicant 6.0 004 RC1: same behaviour. doak complex
01:58 PM Documentation Issue #1987 (Closed): 'Safe Mode' Wiki page is wrong
Wiki was updated accordingly with revision 7. doak complex
01:52 PM Documentation Feature #1988: "Safer" 'Safe Mode'
Yes, your are absolutely right: The point about malicious people is not valid.
If _Safe Mode_ is added to recovery...
doak complex
10:20 AM Replicant Wiki edit: BackupsResearch (#16)
Fix formatting doak complex
09:55 AM Replicant Wiki edit: BackupsResearch (#15)
TODO: Provide working generic 'adb pull' command. doak complex
08:26 AM Replicant Wiki edit: BackupsResearch (#13)
Make clear that link is to current version (which should be like that) but add info about revision to look into manua... doak complex
08:11 AM Replicant Wiki edit: BackupTheEFS (#20)
Fix typo doak complex


02:03 AM Documentation Feature #1988 (New): "Safer" 'Safe Mode'
h3. TL;DR
_Safe Mode_ is triggered too easily.
h3. Details
_Safe Mode_ will delete all not-yet-synced data w...
doak complex
01:37 AM Replicant Issue #1986: 'Safe Mode' purges accounts
In fact the bug is about loosing the account configuration. The user data has to be fetched again by design. I will u... doak complex

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