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09:00 PM Replicant Issue #2209: Add infos about chromium issues in debian + jami ( in the wiki somewhere
hyperbola has a good article on this in their wiki _I3^ RELATIVISM
08:43 PM Replicant Feature #2190: Ask the FSF if they can also accept Litecoin donations on our behalf
why would that be needed, shouldnt the comunity promote and focus on freedom respecting and privacy focused coins?
08:24 PM Replicant infrastructure Issue #2173: Setup onion services
eep sites should also be considered, so equivalent for I2P network, given it mitigates some of the vunerabilities wit... _I3^ RELATIVISM
04:52 PM Replicant Issue #2026: Review the Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro
this also a great device I had one for a couple yearsactually. the benfit is that is also waterproof etc. I lost it u... _I3^ RELATIVISM
04:45 PM Replicant infrastructure Issue #2020: Mails: find why OpenSMTPD output very verbose on Parabola while it doesn't on Trisquel 8
Is this really replicant specific? _I3^ RELATIVISM


01:41 AM Replicant Issue #2000: Make a debug recovery for Replicant 10
01:40 AM Replicant Issue #1999: Make a debug recovery for Replicant 6
twrp should work fine for this no?
01:31 AM Replicant Feature #1988: Safe mode is accidentally triggered too easily (Was "Safer" 'Safe Mode')
isnt this the same as #1986 _I3^ RELATIVISM
01:18 AM Replicant Issue #1971: SIM card not detected in i9300, but it works in dummy phone
seams duplicated _I3^ RELATIVISM
12:48 AM Replicant Issue #1925: On the Galaxy SII, the GPS isn't supposed to work, but OSMAnd is able to get a position in "device only" mode
#1937 might be the answer for this given such firmware is already mainline, so maybe that is why wifi is present even... _I3^ RELATIVISM

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