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05:11 pm Replicant Feature #657 (Feedback): Replicant Development Tools (RDT) package build and release
04:51 pm Replicant Feature #1521: Video decoding support
While video decoding works with VLC on Replicant 6.0, it is broken elsewhere (gallery app and with the webview).
04:44 pm Replicant Wiki edit: Tasks (#96)
remove wallpaper selector task until task is more clear
04:43 pm Replicant Feature #1527 (Feedback): ReplicantWallpapers selector update
Should we keep this issue for Replicant 6.0?
If the modern selector introduces a dependency on EGL features that c...
04:32 pm Replicant Issue #1725 (Feedback): reboot after installing 0004 on Samsung Galaxy S I9000
04:24 pm Replicant Issue #1775 (Feedback): adb reboot on i9300 with replicant 4.2 or cm 10.1.3 fails to activate USB...
Could you check if this issue is still there when using Replicant 6.0?
04:21 pm Replicant Replicant usage: RE: After Factory Reset, I only Have 1.96GB
Please add further findings to the issue #1798 on the issue tracker if you already opened an issue there. There is no...
04:20 pm Replicant Issue #1798 (Feedback): After Factory Reset, I only Have 1.96GB
Is this issue still there with Replicant 6.0, specifically with the recovery for Replicant 6.0?
Please follow the [[...
04:09 pm Replicant Issue #1191 (Closed): Sound Switches Off Below A Certain Volume on Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)
All cyanogenmod.org services are down, but the forum post was archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20150214074458/fo...
03:47 pm Replicant Issue #1185 (Closed): 4.2 0003 i9300 No cellular signal or mobile data (D/RIL-IPC ( 1900): Readin...
Closing as there was no feedback for a long time. Feel free to open a new issue if the issue still exists for Replica...

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