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09:21 PM Replicant Security: RE: what is the impact on replicant? new kernel has snapdragon 820 support.
If you could run even a minimal system on Snapdragon SoCs this might be helpful... but right now you can't even make ... D G
09:18 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: Fairphone 2
Even if it had good modem isolation it would not matter because practically everything needed for a functioning devic... D G
09:08 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: Zenfone 2 (Intel chipsets)
The kernel is 'open source' but most of the drivers will probably just be badly-coded and designed to load non-free f... D G
09:00 PM Replicant Replicant usage: RE: Firefox crashes / Bad Performance on Galaxy S3
You can use Orbot to proxy any application through Tor, by enabling 'transparent proxying' (requires root) and then s... D G


06:31 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: Will instructions for i9300 also work for GT-i9300?
I think they are the same phone, the 'i9300' is the codename CyanogenMod give to it. GT-i9300 is the official mo...
06:26 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: Lenovo Yoga Tablet
I think it has a MediaTek processor, and MediaTek violate GNU GPL by not even releasing source code to the Linux kern... D G


10:57 PM Replicant Replicant development: How does Replicant's kernel differ from the standard Android kernel?
I am aware that the fully free GNU/Linux distributions, such as Trisquel GNU/Linux, use a 'de-blobbed' version of Lin... D G

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