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10:56 PM Replicant Replicant build: Replicant 11
Is it possible / has anyone tried building Replicant 11? By anyone I mean people outside of devs. If so, how is it? Adam A


08:02 PM Replicant Replicant usage: RE: GPU
Totally understand and agree to be honest. :) Though I'm going to stick with Replicant. Will just live with the graph... Adam A
07:34 PM Replicant Replicant usage: GPU
I feel terrible asking this question as it's essentially blasphemy and goes even against my own ideals, but I'm going... Adam A
07:33 PM Replicant Security: Where things stand
Hello everyone,
First time Replicant user here. I was aware of the project but only just got my teeth into it.
Adam A

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