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02:20 AM Replicant Replicant usage: Phone app crashes when touching a number in dialer. i9100
It appears to be crashing because of a missing resource. Are all the resources, xml and java files for an app still k... Finn Ryan


04:44 PM Replicant About the Replicant project: Galaxy Note 2 N7105 LTE/4G version
I have the Galaxy Note 2 N7105 which from what I can tell is the LTE/4G version contrast to N7100. Are there any deta... Finn Ryan


10:07 AM Replicant About the Replicant project: RE: Designing 3d printed phone cases with integrated usb peripherals (wifi, bluetooth?) + LiPo battery
This is definitely something I'd be interested in. I currently use an S2, and a while ago I had an idea like this to ... Finn Ryan


03:41 AM Replicant Replicant development: rtl8187 wifi
Would it be possible to get wifi dongles that use the rtl8187 driver working with replicant? It's free software, and ... Finn Ryan


12:49 PM Replicant Replicant development: RE: Are Replicant developers aware of the reboot loop caused by apps developed with Google's SDK v27?
I installed the Signal apk from the website and replicant 6.0 crashed for me when I launched it, and proceeded to boo... Finn Ryan


03:31 PM Replicant Security: RE: Question: Permanently disabling GSM modem in Galaxy S3/I9300?
Would this actually stop the modem from pinging towers and hence tracking you? Maybe you can open the phone up and di... Finn Ryan


01:47 PM Replicant Replicant development: RE: i9300 wifi support using OpenFWWF
Data sheets have been released for a bunch of broadcom wireless chips: Finn Ryan

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