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05:35 PM Replicant Feature #1901 (New): Add/Fork Prism Break to the replicant wiki
This is a great source of information for new users trying to use f...
Amarpreet Minhas


01:34 PM Replicant Replicant build: RE: Replicant status
Hey just re-enabled the espressowifi/3g builds.
I had them disabled since we didn't seem to have any testers for t...
Amarpreet Minhas


04:45 PM Replicant Replicant usage: RE: Warning: Version v1.9.1-ose of DAVDroid killed my system
This might be an issue with other apps as well.
DAVDroid will be updated to fix this in 1.9.2
Amarpreet Minhas


02:13 PM Replicant Issue #1821: Atom RSS Feed throws a 500
Sorry I said forum, mistyped/spoke.
You are correct, only single issue feeds seem to be broken. Didn't know it w...
Amarpreet Minhas


06:31 PM Replicant Issue #1821: Atom RSS Feed throws a 500
I use FreshRSS as my backend along with EasyRSS from F-Droid.
The error on the server side is: cURL error 22: The ...
Amarpreet Minhas


05:56 PM Replicant Feature #1822 (New): Formalize bounty system
There has been conversation on and off in IRC about how to implement a bounty system for issues/feature requests.
Amarpreet Minhas


02:29 PM Replicant Issue #1821 (Closed): Atom RSS Feed throws a 500
Unable to use the forum's RSS feed to follow issues. Amarpreet Minhas

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