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06:49 PM Replicant Devices evaluations: RE: Samsung Tablet A 10.1 (sm-t580)
They are totally different devices, different SoC (even from different vendor), GPU, WiFi and so on.


05:17 PM Replicant Issue #1854: Device not rebooting after 5 unsuccessful unlock attempts
I cannot reproduce the issue on 6.0 0003. Well... I can but the reason is
03:49 PM Replicant Issue #1894: Settings app broken
Are you using Privacy Guard? Maybe it blocks the access from Settings app to Simple File Manager app?


03:09 PM Replicant Replicant build: RE: Replicant status
the replicant-6.0-dev branch of manifest repo has currently latest security updates from month or so ago if yo...


06:29 AM Replicant Issue #1894: Settings app broken
There is a chance the bug (a permission issue) might reside in the Simple File Manager app but I am not certain so if...
06:19 AM Replicant Issue #1894: Settings app broken
As a quick workaround try deleting the file manager app.


09:02 PM Replicant Wiki edit: LineageMirror (#5)
Add instructions how to add new repository


02:25 PM Replicant Issue #1894: Settings app broken
One reason I can think of is that there is no decoder for the sound file format on Replicant. Try connecting with adb...


03:56 PM Replicant About the Replicant project: RE: getting a new replicant phone manufactured?
The issue is not that there aren't any phones but just the lack of people with time on their hands. Now there is just...


03:35 PM Replicant Issue #1878: Remove f-droid from replicant until it we find a way to make it FSDG compliant again
F-Droid repository contains non-free software (

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